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Affordable Golf Memberships

Members of clubs in the Lindsey Golf family not only enjoy first-class amenities at their home clubs but also gain premium access and benefits across Lindsey Golf's Network of more than 42 clubs throughout 8 states. Lindsey Golf is leading the way in Affordable Championship Golf. 


Membership begins by choosing a Home Club from Lindsey Golf’s family of more than 42 golf and athletic clubs. Through this Home Club membership, Members find the best in Affordable Championship Golf.


Preferred Access

As a Gold Card Member of a Lindsey Golf Club, you have access to a network of more than 42 golf & athletic clubs and 549 holes open for play. You can also participate in Lindsey Golf special events & tournaments.



Course Sponsors

Course Leadership

At 21–years–old, Lindsey wagered his $75,000 signing bonus on a tract of land in Northwest Arkansas.

Lyndy Lindsey, the company’s president of golf operations and design, carries his passion for golf into his career with his father’s company.

Golf Instruction

Master the most difficult shots and learn long drive secrets from one of Lindsey Golf's many talented golf instructors. 


As a member of a Lindsey Golf Club, you have access to high quality golf instruction at affordable prices. 


Contact the nearest Lindsey Golf Instructor today.





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