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What's special about Ozark Beer Company?


​We are rooted in a deep tradition of independent, spirited people who live their lives with a resilience and humility rarely seen anywhere else, and where living from the land and crafting your livelihood is the foundation of the culture and identity of this region. In these mountains and at OBC, hard work isn’t what we do, it is who we are.


In the Ozarks, hard work makes honest people. And here at Ozark Beer Company, hard work makes honest beer.


Happy Customers:


"Dear Ozark Beer Company, this Bourbon Barrel Stout of yours is truly outstanding. We are all so proud of you, doing the Ozarks justice!" - Jerrmy Gawthrop


Mandi Smith — 5 stars "Friendly, inviting atmosphere! AAAmazing beer. The tasting room is a great place to reconnect with friends!"


Pam Colvin Krummick — 5 stars "This is going to be the best brewery with a beer garden Rogers Arkansas has ever seen! Can't wait for their opening!"



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